My Thoughts On Birdbox

Do not endanger yourself, your friends and family or those around you in the public by completing a Birdbox challenge video.

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A Destructive dance

About this story This is a piece I wrote about seven months ago or so, and I consider it one of my most treasured. As this piece contains graphic content reader discretion is advised. A Destructive Dance She danced. As a torrent of tears fell down her cheeks, she danced. She plastered a smile on […]

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The Letter

About the Letter Someone asked me about the contents of the letter which was referred to in my previous post The Big White House. Flash Fiction by The Lone Wolf So, I decided to oblige. Hope you all enjoy! The Letter Dear Liliana, You don’t know our story, but you will soon know the short […]

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Thoughts. By The Lone Wolf

Thoughts Up and down. Up and down. Up and down. She continued to hit the buttons in the elevator, as she tried to focus her thoughts. Ma was gone. She shuddered. Now, Dan would be leaving soon to go to her funeral. Up and down. Up and down. Up and down. She could hear rushing […]

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About The Tag Holly Of Life Of A Blind Girl completed the #WhatMakesMe tag after she was challenged to complete it by another blogger with a disability. While I am blind, it is not the only thing that makes me who I am. Blindness is just one small part of the person known as Jade […]

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The Flower Man.

Every day on my way to work I pass by a grand old house with a beautiful garden set out in the front yard. A sign attached to the mailbox advertises flowers for sale and an elderly man sits in a rocking chair on the wide veranda with a cup of tea by is side […]

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Cat Feet.

Spread out in the small yet spacious draw was a black and white cat. To my surprise, she was surrounded by kittens.Seven of them to be precise. After tending to the needs of mama cat and her little ones I shuffled back to the kitchen,eager to have my coffee at last.

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A New Beginning.

I am sure many of you are wondering where I’ve been. Blog posts have been few and far between lately and I’m here to provide an answer to my disappearance. <h3>Where Has She Been? You ask.</h3> I’ve been rather busy, hunting for and applying for my very own apartment. Yes, that time has come. I […]

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It’s all about the books. IE

Happy Monday everyone. It has been a while since my last post. I’m here tonight to change that however. I’m here with a few updates and notices of sorts. The Blind Creators Project. If you follow my writing account on twitter or even my personal one, you will have seen me tweeting about this on […]

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Jaidie’s Bookshelf: Latest Reads

Recently I’ve become an avid audible and kindle unlimited user. I’ve read some fantastic titles, including the one I reviewed recently by Tl Clark. As I’ll be away next week, I’ll be reviewing these books when i return. For now, here’s what I’ve been reading and where you can purchase them. Don’t Rush Me by […]

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Picture this.

Like works of art in a gallery, the internet provides us with many forms of visual content. When presented with images with an element of cuteness, people are able to laugh and coo with ease. Whenever i browse the internet, i am forced to avoid such content as i can not see it. As i […]

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Dance Of The Wolves

A little introduction. This piece was inspired by a song produced by my partner. The song is also called Dance Of The Wolves and can be listened to on his SoundCloud profile. If you like what I post, please support me by buying me a coffee. If you enjoy my partner’s music, you can support […]

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Remember When

I remember when the only way you could connect to the Internet was by having a cord connected to the computer. Computers took up half the desk and needed a constant power source to work, it took ages to load a website and our choices for search engines and programs were limited. We could only […]

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Wolf’s Rage

she sat at the base of the tree and let loose a long, low howl aimed at the moon. She howled for her friends, her pack, her family, and him. The here and now were not important. Only that point in time mattered, for they had gone. All of them, gone. The rival pack had […]

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New Beginnings

She huddled in the corner of her seat and clutched the tattered photograph to her chest. Not wanting to let go of the last memory she had of them, she ignored the tears that flowed down her cheeks. She didn’t care that her makeup was ruined. All she focused on was the photo. Not even […]

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The Time Lord

Everything stopped, people were stood like statues all around me, people in cars, men on bicycles, babies in prams all lifeless, frozen in time. This was always the shocking part of my little talent, seeing everyone and everything frozen in time. One woman was stopped in the middle of lifting her coffee for a sip, […]

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For My Love

This post is for my sonic. It’s for my light in the dark, my warmth when it’s cold, my strength when I’ve none. I write this for the other half of me who is so many kilometres away yet so close by at the same time. I write this post on the ninth month of […]

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As I leaned back in my chair i emptied my goblet of its contents and placed it on the small table beside me. With a long exhalation of breath that was more for show than anything i gazed about the bar, my gaze landing on a beauty with hair as black as night and unusual […]

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Flash Fiction: Her Lost Love.

The last post on his Facebook is the cute photo of us reclining on the beach as the sun sets with our hands linked and a flower tucked behind my ear. My hair danced in the sea breeze as I laughed, while he leant in for a kiss. I can still remember what his lips felt like as they pressed into mine. If I try hard enough, I can still feel the warmth of his hands as he pulled me close and brushed my hair away from my face.

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Flash Fiction Competition.

As many of you who have read previous posts may have noticed, i love flash fiction. I learned about flash fiction at one of the first meetings of my writers group i attended. I’d like to pass my love of flash fiction on to others. It is with this in mind that i am posting […]

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Introducing Our Newest Writer

I’d like to introduce our newest writer who has called herself Peppin The Panda. Peppin has written an introduction which can be found below. Hi! I’m “Peppin the Panda”. Outside of this blog, I am a University student in my final year of an Arts/Law degree. When I’m not studying, I love listening to music, […]

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Flash Fiction: The photo.

IN this one, you are smiling. Standing there in your black jeans, boots and t-shirt you look happy. One would even say care free. You don’t look like you have any secrets, but I know you do. I saw you there that night, silver knife glinting in your hand, the blade curved in a sinister […]

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What if?

What if the world was based only on the thoughts in our minds? What if we had to maintain our world by thoughts of light rather than dark? What if, instead of war, hatred and anger, there was peace, love, and romance? What if we lived in a world, where the most basic of thoughts […]

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The Beginning

In the beginning, we know nothing. We’re small, but not insignificant. It’s not our fault, it just is. However, as we grow older, we tend to learn things, if we’re what most like to call “normal human beings.” Then, that begs the question, what if later it is found that some have an intellectual disability? […]

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An Interview with Ghorthalon

To begin our creator interviews here on the blog, I chatted with producer and programmer Ghorthalon who is here to share a little about what he does and who he is with us. Ghorthalon is my extremely talented and amazing partner who I met online through a tweet about sonic the hedgehog. He is my […]

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I’ll Review Your Books.

I’ve posted several book reviews up on the blog before, but never really gave thought to reviewing books for the blog on a more permanent basis. That is why I’ve decided to open up the book review section. If you’ve published a book and would like a review or have reviewed a book, I’d love […]

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Become a Guest

Do you have something you’d like to share with the world? Perhaps you’d like to share your story. I’d like to invite you, the writers, artists, musicians, producers, creators, story-tellers, and anyone else with something to share to become a guest on the blog. Simply fill in This form answering all questions as best as […]

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The Flower

I wrote this little piece earlier when i needed a break from study. It’s nothing special, just something lighthearted to brighten the day a little. I hope you enjoy it.   The Flower In a garden full of life sat a flower, its petals wilted, and stem bent at an angle. While the rest of […]

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Weekly Update.

The update for this week is more a fortnightly update as last week was quite exhausting. The update today won’t be a long one, as I’m in a little pain after having a wisdom tooth pulled. I envy those that have never had wisdom tooth trouble. I started college last week, two days of orientation […]

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Weekly Update.

Hello Cyber space. There are some weeks where i may not get to post blog posts or short fiction pieces, which is why I’ve decided to start posting weekly updates, this being the second post. I don’t have much to share this week, except for some exciting news. These days, most online creators have an […]

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EP1. Forbidden Findings.

Books are not allowed anymore, they banned them a long time ago. It doesn’t stop me from keeping a secret collection though. Fifth floorboard down from the north facing wall, and two across. Lift it up and see what hides inside. Wuthering heights, pride and prejudice, and the bible lie side by side, covered by […]

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