Desperate Hope

One night I sat down and started writing random stuff. Before I knew it, this poem had emerged. I’d never really written poetry or anything, so was surprised to see the completed piece. Take what you will from this, it’s just a poem, none of these are actually thoughts I’ve had. I am interested to see what you think the poem could be talking about. Some have said mania, others have said insanity, panic, others have said depression.

Desperate Hope
Through the endless grey I creep, bare feet on cold stone.
Icy fingers caress my bare skin, unseen whisperings call my name.
Doors swing unhinged, as I step through the unknown.
Thoughts are mangled, am I going insane?
Around another lonely corner I creep,
Hoping I’ll soon wake from this terrible deep sleep.
Windows are shattered,
Like my thoughts which are tattered.
Walls warped, ceilings leant
I’ll keep on walking until I find what’s meant.
Things may not be as right as they seem,
I’ll keep on pushing till I wake from this dream.
Try as I might, I just can’t break free,
A part of me wonders what’s happening to me?
Onward and upward I’ll push through this land,
Hoping that someone will come take my hand.
With each worn out step I take,
I’ll use my last breaths to pray for escape
When I am free I will sing just one song,
Of how I desired so much to belong.
In quiet tones they’ll ask and they’ll wonder
What of the monster that dragged that soul under.