Guest post: The affected

We’ve got our first guest for this week, my best friend and talented writer Gabbi. She’s got a post for you about a project she started which she is hoping to make into a podcast. It’s a zombie survival story called The Affected: A Tale To End All Tales. Without further introduction, here’s her post.

Hi I’m Gabbi, Jaidie’s best friend. I am studying a Bachelor of Arts and Law but have a passion for creative writing.

This idea came to me while riding on a train to Northgate train station in Brisbane Queensland. I’d remembere a series of strange dreams I’d had in which Australia was over-run with zombies. I thought that it would make a great idea for a zombie apocalypse story. Most stories in that genre are based in America, meaning that Australia could lend a unique prospective to the genre.

The Affected follows the story of Ayla Stevens and her friends and family as they survive the deadly Surge Mortem Virus pandemic. This humorous yet heart-wrenching tale of survival will have you on the edge of your seat as you follow the trials and traumas faced by Ayla, her friends, family and strange yet comical occupants and visitors of their community.

After many hours spent planning and debating, it was decided that The Affected would make a great podcast or mini YouTube series. A Facebook page, Twitter account and blog have been created, giving people the opportunity to follow postings from the survivors tower while the podcast tells their story. If you would like to keep up with The Affected, you can find us on facebook:

The Affected


The Affected Story

And finally Twitter:


Thank you for reading my post. I would like to thank Jaidie for allowing me to guest post on her blog.