I Am From: A Poem

At a monthly writers group I attend we looked at This poem. We then wrote our own. Here is mine.

I am from

I am from life and love

From a father and mother

I am from close family and the extended members too

From Grandmother, grandfather and warm hugs and kisses on cheeks

I am from scraped knees and bandaids

From comforting hugs

I am from hide and seek

From bike rides and playgrounds

I am from pain and suffering

From the light and the dark.

I am from loud shouting and spilled tears of sadness

From laughter, happiness and the good and the bad.

I am from blindness

From hospital trips and stress

I am from blood tests, x-rays, sickness and health

From good news and bad news

I am from books and stories.

From the characters I call friends.

I am from music and movies

From the laughter they bring.

I am from winter and summer

From bundles of blankets and nights under the fan

I am from hot chocolate and icy lemonade

From family barbecues and big bowls of stew

I am from name calling and compliments.

From best friends and enemies too.

I am from encouragement and insults.

From strength and weakness

I am from difference

From diversity too.

I am from uniqueness

From my own identity.

I’m from all of these things,

But I am still me.

I hope you enjoyed my poem. If you would like to write your own Where i’m from poem, i’ll gladly share it here for all to read.


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