My inspiration

She’s been a therapist, a taxi driver, a nurse, chef and clothing stylist. She’s taken me to many a hospital appointment and stayed up with me while I was sick. We’ve fought and had fun, spent time together and time apart. We’ve competed in the Bridge to Brisbane twice with friends and family and she was there to meet my Grandma and I when we returned from climbing The Great wall of china. She’s been my friend, a comedian and so much more. She is my mum, and she is my inspiration.
Three years ago, Mum completed a detox program and spent time in rehab to get clean. My Mum is a recovering drug addict, and as of Tuesday She has been drug free for three years. I have watched her go from strength to strength, and am proud of all that she has done and achieved.
Earlier this year she said she wanted to study at tafe. Study she did. She has inspired me to pursue studies of my own. If my mum who is 43 years old can study and pass all assignments, then so can I. We’ve had our rough patches like any mother and daughter, but she’s still my Mum. Thanks for believing in yourself and being my inspiration.
Love you mum.