Christmas Gift Idea: Sanity Stocking.

I was looking for practical yet meaningful Christmas gifts. At school we had a lovely teacher teach us how to make Father’s Day and Mother’s Day stress survival kits. I’ve done some research and found some things that you might like to put in your very own Sanity Stocking.

A balloon – to let out built-up hot air, deflate anger & release stress
a bandaids to help you through the rough times.
A Crayon – To colour your day bright and cheerful
a KitKat or two for when a break is needed
A map So you won’t lose your way
a rubber band for when your stretched to your limit
A Small Smooth Stone – To remind you that the rough times help to refine and polish
A Snickers – To remind you to take time to laugh
A Star- To remind you to shine and always try your best
a stick of gum that reminds you to stick to it.
A stress ball for when you’ve been bounced up the wall.
A String – To tie things together when everything falls apart
a time out bar for when you need time out.
And most importantly, a candle to remind you that you can brighten someone’s day.
Cappuccino Time to relax
Cotton Ball To cushion any bumps
Eraser To remind you that everyone makes mistakes
Five cents So you will never be broke
Herbal tea bag A natural lift
Marble For when you feel that you’ve lost yours
Match To light your fire when you feel burned out
Minty For moments like these
Paper Clip To hold things together
Safety pin to help you stay sharp
Tape- To fix things that will not work
Tissues to dry your tears when your sad.
Toothpick To help you pick out the good things in everyone
You may wish to add or change things, I’d be interested to see what you come up with when you make your own.