My Go Fund Me Campaign: Help Me Get A Computer For College.

While I do not know many of my followers personally, I am throwing this out here by chance that the campaign will be seen more. After receiving some hate about it a few weeks back, I was hesitant to share the campaign anywhere. After speaking to several people about it I found the confidence to share it again. Here is the Link to the campaign itself. I’ll post the campaign text below.

I would like to thank those who have shared and donated to the campaign, your donations are greatly appreciated.

My name is Jade, and I am starting a tertiary preparation course in early2018. Completing the tertiary preparation program will provide me with the necessary skills and overall position (OP) or tertiary entry score (TE Score) that will enable me to attend university upon completion of the course. Unlike my future fellow students, I am unable to read a computer screen or writing written on a board at the front of the classroom as I am legally blind. However, with the help of screen reading software, I can complete worksheets, finish assignments, write and read notes and do so much more. I have created this campaign in the hope of receiving donations that will enable me to purchase a MacBook that I can use to complete the subjects within my course. While most people who are blind prefer to use computers running the Windows operating system, I would like to use a Mac as i believe there are more benefits to IOS software than there are to windows. While apple made devices come installed with free accessibility features such as Voiceover and zoom, windows devices do not. This means that software must be bought and installed which is often more complex than just selecting the preferred accessibility option. Another advantage to using apple products is the once again free preinstalled apps that allow you to write documents, complete spreadsheets and create presentations. If I can purchase the MacBook I will be able to reap all benefits of word processing and accessibility software, therefore allowing me to complete my course. The mac will also assist me in achieving one of my long-term goals, that being to write a novel. If purchasing a new MacBook, I intend to purchase a used or refurbished unit. I would like to thank those who donate in advance, and promise to respond or return the kindness where and when I can. Note: to see how someone who is blind may use an apple computer, this Video may be useful to watch.