She fades

My Second Poetry Attempt.

I’m not that great at poetry, yet here it is, my second poetry attempt. I just started writing this, it’s in no way how I’m feeling at present. If you think i should add more, please let me know. If your a poet and cringe at this, please let me know how i can improve it.

She Fades

Like the flower that wilts she fades. Gone is the strength she stood with, as is the courage that spurred her strides. Long gone is the microphone of pride she spoke through, so too the smiles that lit up her face. The laughter that once was so joyous now slips out so brittle and just out of place. To her all the light has disappeared, leaving a darkness so much feared. Out of the bitter cold the voices do urge her, pleading and begging for her capitulation.

In day time and night time she struggles, her hearts misery forming a harsh choking embrace. Two angels do love and protect her, their spirits so bright like the sun. With care and love they guide her, their hold so warm and quite gentle. With voices of crystal they sing, the sound like the church bells that ring. With strength and encouragement she rises, her voice pride filled once more. The courage she walked with does fill her, as the joy returns to her soul. The star of her smile does shine again, as her laughter is clear cut like gems.

No more does she wilt like the flowers, as her as her soul swells with the might of the sea.


2 thoughts on “She fades

  1. For technical advice:
    Don’t forget that not all poetry has to rhyme. Meter and timing are often more important.
    Consider breaking your lines, rather than flowing them like prose. Also, think about where you can group lines into stanzas.
    You can bring additional drama and style to your poem with enjambment and line breaks.
    In the end, if the poem means something to you, that’s all that really matters. If other people find something in it that appeals to them, that’s great. Poetry can be cathartic (it certainly is for me) and as long as it makes you happy, keep writing 🙂

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