Assisting A Person With A Disability.

For many people out their, helping those who have any kind of disabilility may be foreign territory. I’ve compiled this list of handy tips to assist you.

How You Can Help Us.

Stare at us. It makes us feel comfortable and well at home. We love a good stare, especially the silent kind we don’t know about.

Adjust your speed, pitch and volume when speaking to us. We love to hear your beautiful loud voice, it’s even better when your words are clear and audible.

Bend down to our level. We’re all really short, so naturally we need you to shrink to our level when you communicate with us.

Touch our assistive equipment. Yes, our canes are made from the finest materials, I’m sure you can pick one up at target.

If we have them, pet our service animals. They’re just family pets with special coats after all.

Talk to the people with us. We love to be ignored, it flatters us beyond believe. It also makes us feel a part of society.

Point things out to us. We can see where your pointing clearly and know what your talking about.

Assume instead of asking questions. We’re an unfriendly bunch of people. If you ask us questions we bite.

Use offensive terms when speaking about us. NO seriously! This one makes us feel like royalty.

Touch us without warning. We love a good rough handling. Dragging us across roads without our instruction is especially favourable. You must know better than us where we want to go.

Heal us. We’re all just dying to be healed through divine intervention. We need your prayers and blessings.

Tell us about every person you’ve met. We’re social butterflies and know every other person with a disability.

All Jokes Aside.

This post was made in jest and is no way meant to offend, belittle, degrade or defame anyone with a disability, including myself. I apologise to anyone who does feel offended by my comments above. If you are really wanting to know how to interact with those of us who have a disability, there are a number of helpful, non sarcastic informative articles and videos on the internet.