Weekly Update.

Hello Cyber space.

There are some weeks where i may not get to post blog posts or short fiction pieces, which is why I’ve decided to start posting weekly updates, this being the second post. I don’t have much to share this week, except for some exciting news.

These days, most online creators have an affiliation with Patreon, a platform which allows patrons to support their favourite creators.
I have taken the steps necessary to build my own Patreon page, which is now live. You can find it Here.
I thank you all for reading my posts, in some cases sharing them and providing the feedback you’ve all provided. Without feedback from my readers there is no way I’d grow as a writer and no way my works would be posted online..
To my followers, I say thank you. To future followers, I say thank you in advance. I hope you find something that draws you in to the many works I’ve posted.

If your interested in connecting with me via email, it is now possible to do so. My email is always open for questions, suggestions and feedback. You can send all your emails to writing.jaidie@gmail.com

Finally, next week begins my six month course at college, leaving even less time for blogging with most of my time being eaten by study.

I’ll be posting a book review over the weekend, the book being If I Stay by Gayle Foreman.

Have a great weekend,
Happy reading.