Weekly Update.

The update for this week is more a fortnightly update as last week was quite exhausting. The update today won’t be a long one, as I’m in a little pain after having a wisdom tooth pulled. I envy those that have never had wisdom tooth trouble.

I started college last week, two days of orientation and a subject that aimed to assist us in planning and preparing for study. My first class was yesterday, I can say that I’ll be looking forward to learning new things again.
I’ve been working on a small flash fiction piece over the last two weeks, I’ll be posting that when it’s complete.
If you haven’t done so, check out my Twitter and Facebook. I’ve started posting daily thoughts and little messages that are designed to get the brain working. If you have a contribution to these daily thoughts and messages, drop me a line and I’ll be sure to share yours.
Victims. I mean…interviewees. I’m looking for anyone who may be interested in being interviewed for the blog. Creators of online content, people who advocate for the rights of others, community members and other bloggers are some examples of the types of people I’d like to interview.
Email address. I’ve mentioned dropping me a line and getting in contact, but didn’t mention how to do it. You can now email me with your messages, thoughts, feedback, questions and ideas. I don’t bite, except for when I’ve not had coffee. On a more serious note, i look forward to speaking with you if you do choose to send me an email.
That’s it for this week, back to bed with a book and my dog until this pain disappears.