The Beginning

In the beginning, we know nothing. We’re small, but not insignificant. It’s not our fault, it just is. However, as we grow older, we tend to learn things, if we’re what most like to call “normal human beings.” Then, that begs the question, what if later it is found that some have an intellectual disability? What’s to be done?

Sometimes, as individuals, we love to think that we can “correct” an individual who is “broken.” Why? Simply because some do not understand that it’s not about what’s “broken,” but about what a person can do. Look beyond their disability and see past the “learning issues,” and treat them as you would treat others. This doesn’t just apply to those with intellectual disabilities, I simply use it as an example. No, I promise I’m not picking on anyone, or calling out those with this type of disability. The point is, don’t try to “fix” anything. There’s nothing wrong with anyone with a disability. Sure, things may have to be adapted, sure things my be different, but they are humans too, who live, breathe, laugh and cry just like you or I do. My challenge for you today then, is this. Spend some time with someone with any kind of disability. Try to put yourself in their world for just a few minutes if you can, and try to understand as much as you can, the difficulties that the individual you’re spending time with faces on a daily basis.


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Until next time, farewell.