Flash Fiction: Injected Serenity.

As many of you may have read, i wrote a flash fiction titled The Photo. My friend who also happens to be a writer used the same prompt that i was given at my writers group and a photo she took of my dogs and I. She’s allowed me to share her flash fiction here, under the title Injected Serenity.

Here it is, happy reading.

Her Inspiration.

Descqription: a woman dressed in black lays on a bed. A black dog lays at her feet and a caramel coloured dog at her back.

Injected Serenity.

In this one, you are lying with a smile on your face, your dogs beside you, keeping you company. It is, to me, a strange appearance for someone who has just died. You lie on that bed, looking calm and serene, little does the photo belie the fact that you had been wasting away not moments before. The dogs lie at the back and feet of your cold, stiff-limbed body, guarding you as your soul passes into the next realm. As the photo was deceptive with its depiction of you, it also does not show that the dogs had been howling before it was taken. How do I know all of this? I know it because I am the one who took the photo, just as I am the one who jabbed the needle filled with poison into your arm whilst you slept. You won’t hear my laughter as I pocket the needle, leaving the dogs to grow cold beside you.