Introducing Our Newest Writer

I’d like to introduce our newest writer who has called herself Peppin The Panda. Peppin has written an introduction which can be found below.

Hi! I’m “Peppin the Panda”. Outside of this blog, I am a University student in my final year of an Arts/Law degree. When I’m not studying, I love listening to music, watching my favourite kids shows on YouTube and Netflix or watching your run-of-the-mill end-of-the-world/­disaster films. I also love reading books set in post-apocalyptic settings such as The Hunger Games, the City of Ember series, The Girl with All the Gifts and so on, as well as books set in historical time-period such as the Middle Ages, Ancient Egypt or Rome. I also love writing. My writing used to be “whatever the hell comes to mind”, then evolved into “stuff that deals with stuff going on in the world”. After couple of bad years, my writing devolved into… Fanfictions… but as time went on, even those began to show elements of my old genre “stuff based on stuff happening in the world right now” as I incorporated elements of law, history and analysis of politics into the stories that I wrote. Now, I have managed to start writing fully original works again and am re-visiting a novel that I started writing a few years ago, set in Medieval England. In this blog, I hope to help Jaidie with a stand-alone piece she wrote, called “Forbidden Findings”, which we both figured out can be incorporated to my latest writing muse “Mal’s Tale”. I hope to help her work on that and contribute other small pieces of original writing. My first line of contact will be comments on blog posts, if those end up meriting further discussion, I will give further details