69 Blog Post Ideas For When You Have None

Blogs and idea creation.

So, you have this thing called a blog. It is big and scary but hey. You have it anyway. You could have started your very own brand new shiny blog as a way to market your business, build on your writing skills, network, build your portfolio or even as a hobby. Like me, you may often wonder what to post about. I set myself a challenge of finding and thinking of as many blog post ideas as I could. I may come back and add to this as I think of new things, but here is my list of blog post ideas. This list is not just for the beginner blogger either. Even the pros need inspiration at times. Remember, blog posts do not need to be giant essays or novels. They could be a paragraph, or even just a few sentences. You could even adapt these for use on a YouTube channel or podcast. I would love to know if one or more of these ideas is useful to you. You can let me know by sharing the links to your posts in the comments.

The List.

1. Tell a joke. It does not have to be one, it could be 2 or even 20. They do not have to be good jokes either. They could be puns
2. Write a poem. Or try to write one. Poetry takes many forms. What form you choose to use is up to you
3. Share your most memorable photo with a story.
4. Create a video post. As I mentioned previously, many of these post ideas will make splendid video topics. You can drop your video directly into your blog post, meaning that everybody who follows your blog will see it.
5. Make a list. It could be a personal list about yourself or a list of weird facts, even a list of your favourite songs.
6. Share some riddles. You could share your favourite ones, or the few that your stuck on.
7. Write a how to guide on something your good at.
8. Or, you could write a how not to if that seems more appealing to you.
9. Write a thank you post. Just pretend your up there accepting a golden globe. Thank all the people you like and do not like.
10. Introduce yourself. You could do this as an interview, or as a list. The possibilities are endless
11. Host a guest writer.
12. Make a reaction post. Try a new food or activity, read a book, watch a movie, television show or video online, play a game, read, or watch the news and write about your reaction to whatever it is you choose. This could also work well as a video post.
13. Create a quiz. There are many quiz building programs and websites out there. Make it fun for you and your readers.
14. Start a competition. This could work well if you are a professional with a product to sell.
15. Make a post of photos. Each photo should replace what you would say in words.
16. Complete a challenge and share your experience.
17. Post an interview. It could be an interview of yourself, your hero, another professional in your field, a family member, a friend, a colleague. Once again, the possibilities are endless.
18. Write an opinion post. This could be about anything.
19. Review a book, movie, documentary, tv show, song or album.
20. Write a comparative post. You could write this about anything. If it has not been done, you could be the first to compare smooth and crunchy peanut butter.
21. Create an infographic or SlideShare post.
22. Use your sense of humour and be the virtual stand up or sit-down comedian. Have your readers in stiches, or knots depending on your ability to sew words together.
23. Write a post that is full of often asked questions.
24. Write a story. This could go wrong, or be an absolute success depending on your creativeness.
25. Take a photo and use it as inspiration for your post. You could use a photo you have taken yourself, one that a friend has taken or one that you have seen online and write about the first thing that photo makes you think of. If you are going to use one that has been taken from the interwebs, make sure that credit to the person who owns the photo is given and that copyright is acknowledged.
26. Write a letter. It could be to your future self, even your past self. You could write to the president or the neighbour down the street with the smelly garbage and the loud death metal music always playing.
27. Start a post every day listing the three things you are thankful for about each day. You could also include other triplets like three favourite moments of the day, 3 things you wish you could have changed and three people who brightened your day.
28. Take the best (or worst) advice you have been given and pop it in a post.
29. Write a confidence booster. It could be directed at yourself or someone you think needs it, or the entire world.
30. Reveal your top ten favourites. Choose something and list your favourite things under that topic.
31. Create a challenge.
32. Share a list of your favourite quotes. You could write them as text or share images with the quotes as a part of the image.
33. Useful tips. We are always learning new things and picking up new tips, tricks and lifehacks that make life easier. Share the ones you know of in a post.
34. Person of the month. Make a post about someone who inspires you or who is a someone you look up to.
35. List your biggest fears.
36. We’ve all wanted to write a novel at some point. I still do in fact. Take all those ideas you have ever had and throw them in a post. Gently of course.
37. write an advice post.
38. Share your CV. You never know what might come of this, you might get a job.
39. Make your bucket list
40. Learn something new and write about the process you took to learn what you did.
41. Make a post like this one. List as many ideas as you can.
42. Promote other bloggers like yourself. Give them a boost by inviting them to guest write or sharing direct links to one or more of their posts.
43. Make a best of the web post. This could just be a list of all the posts, photos, images, memes, gifs and whatever else that has gone viral in the last week or two.
44. Create a list of people to follow. It could be people you follow, it could be a list of influential people.
45. Make a cartoon.
46. Let out all that inner angst or rage and smash out a rant post. Rant about the weather, that bald guy who smashed into your car with his bike or the fact that trains are packed. Just, rant.
47. Write a what if post
48. Write a post about something that you have a passion for.
49. Introduce your family and friends. With their permission of course.
50. Food. Everyone loves (or hates) food. Write about your favourites or share a series of recipes.
51. Expose a fraud. They are always floating around.
52. Compile a list of your favourite apps. This could be a list of games, apps for streaming music and video services, productivity apps, lifestyle apps or even kid friendly apps. You could split this up into multiple posts with guides on using each app.
53. Unbox a product. You have that shiny coffee maker you bought just sitting there in the box still, why not unbox it and write about the unboxing process. This includes setting up that machine and your first few cups of coffee with it.
54. Take your readers on a virtual tour of your home or workplace. It is like that show cribs, just on a blog.
55. Display your outstanding time management skills (if you have them) and share ways in which you save time.
56. Share your recent travel experiences.
57. List your hobbies.
58. Share some of your favourite childhood memories.
59. Take your readers through a day in the life of you.
60. Share some things that you have learned from your elders.
61. Share those life lessons you will never forget about.
62. Discuss a controversial topic
63. Create a virtual bookshelf. Share the books you are reading or have read.
64. Introduce your pets if you have any. Pet rocks included.
65. Display a talent.
66. Take a photo of the day series.
67. Write a how to post on something you know nothing about.
68. Write from the heart.
69. Write an anti-bucket list.

We are Done!

There you have it. 69 blog post ideas for when your out of ideas. If you think of more to add to the list, let me know and I will do so.

Thank you.

I never seem to say it enough although I know I should. I thank you all for reading, liking and following the blog. If you would like to support me further, you can buy me a coffee by clicking this link. As always your feedback and messages are welcome.
Happy reading,