As I leaned back in my chair i emptied my goblet of its contents and placed it on the small table beside me. With a long exhalation of breath that was more for show than anything i gazed about the bar, my gaze landing on a beauty with hair as black as night and unusual eyes the colour of silver. As I watched her she danced, her long black hair moving about her in waves of silk. Unlike most of the women that danced provocatively about the bar, the figure of my attention danced alone, her limbs moving in smooth and graceful motions in time to the music. She wore black jeans which clung to every inch of her long dancers legs and a halter top the colour of blood which left little to the imagination. Silver cuff style bracelets rested on her arms and a star pendant glinted in the light from a gold chain which hung about her neck. She was beautiful in a unique way. She appeared dangerous. Untouchable almost. Something deep within me wanted to claim her. To make her mine. Yet I know who she is and I know she is dangerous to my kind. She is nightshade. And nightshade just so happens to be my mate.


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