Remember When

I remember when the only way you could connect to the Internet was by having a cord connected to the computer. Computers took up half the desk and needed a constant power source to work, it took ages to load a website and our choices for search engines and programs were limited. We could only make a photo collage by using clip art in word or by cutting out the pictures from magazines and putting them on paper with glue sticks. Our curfew was the street lights turning on and all the kids in the neighbourhood played together. We got in trouble for coming home late or skipping school, our lunch came in lunch boxes. Trips to the canteen were a treat and it didn’t matter what you had for lunch since there were barely any allergies. Families ate together at the dinner table and talked about their day while the news was on or the tv was turned off altogether. We did our homework before we could watch cartoons. We went to bed early, and not anywhere midnight. Staying up late was a privilege and not a normal routine.
We were encouraged to play outside with neighbourhood kids and not with strangers online in front of screens. My space and msn were popular and Facebook, instagram and snap chat didn’t exist.
Our phones were bricks with buttons and didn’t have cameras. The only way we could download ring tones was by texting the ring tone hotline and charging the fee to our phone plan.