Dance Of The Wolves

A little introduction.

This piece was inspired by a song produced by my partner. The song is also called Dance Of The Wolves and can be listened to on his SoundCloud profile. If you like what I post, please support me by buying me a coffee. If you enjoy my partner’s music, you can support him too. As always, happy reading.

Dance Of The Wolves.

Lia sat in the small tin shed on the edge of her family’s property and groaned as her bones and muscles screamed in agony while the beginnings of fur rippled under her skin. The first few times this happened she feared it like she used to the dark. Now though, it’s second nature to her. The moon calls her, she answers. With several loud snapping sounds she shifts, white fur covering her fair skin. With a final snap and a soft whimper, the blonde with emerald eyes disappears, leaving a white wolf with eyes of piercing blue in her place.

With her paws she cuts the rope her family used to tie her and steps out of them, her lips pealing back to let out an angered growl at the sight of them curled on the ground in tatters. She knows they’ll buy new ropes for the next moon, they always do. To her family, the change is unnatural, scary even. Padding to the wood door she opens it, her nose shoving at the rough surface. Her family gave up closing it completely after she hurled herself through the window that is now boarded up with wood. Stepping through the door she swishes her tail once, twice in joy. Tipping back her head she searches for the moon, her eyes locking with its silver surface.

Listen. Can you hear their call?
Off in the distance she heard a howl which was soon joined by more. She recognised that howl, it belonged to Devin, the pack alpha. Devin was also her mate, chosen for her by the lady of the moon. The pack joined in on his howl, their varying pitches creating a music that sounded beautiful to her canine ears. They were calling to her, begging for her to join them. Tonight, they would frolic like young pups, then they would hunt. Deer most likely. Lifting her snout to the moon she howls in response, the sound echoing in the tall trees around her.

They only make their presence known deep at night.
Opening her mouth, she inhales, the surrounding scents filling her nose and mouth. Flowers. Too many flowers. Cat urine. Not what she’s after. Sniffing again she pauses longer, searching more thoroughly this time. There it is, the familiar scent of her wolves. With an eager swish of her tail, she silently pads into the night, her heart beginning to thump with excitement at the coming chase.

Listen, do you hear their song?
In a few short moments she arrived among the pack members, her blue eyes seeking out the deep black fur of her mate Devin. Heart thumping to the rhythm of love she approached him, her tongue darting out to lick his face in an act of affection. Seeing the remaining ten members of the pack waiting patiently in a loose circle, Lia stood by Devin as he turned his head in the main cardinal directions, scenting the air. As he let out a soft yip of release to the pack the image of a stag flashed before her eyes. With an excited barking sound, she took off into the night, her paws carrying her to her kill. For a few minutes she ran, her heart thumping with the excitement of the chase while the pack members around her communicated their excitement through images of blood that filtered into her mind. Peering ahead she saw the smooth glimmering surface of a pond and the deer she hunted drinking from it.
With lips curled and teeth bared she leapt at the animal and tore into its throat, a spray of blood coating her muzzle and the ground beneath her. Stepping back, she howled in victory, the distant howls of the approaching pack twisting harmoniously with her animalistic song in the night. Tonight, she would eat and be merry. Tomorrow, she’d be human again, thoughts of bloody raw meet sickening her to the core.
They only sing it when it is dark outside.