Flash Fiction Competition 3rd Place: Please Help.

Please Help.

I need help. We need help. Everything turned bad really quick. This is Expedition Z13. I’m the student A35 that was sent with the crew. I’m not sure what… OK let me slow down.
Everything is a bit hazy. We arrived a couple of units ago. Actually entering the orbit of the planet was easy. It’s a beautiful star system. There’s a really big, hot Firestar that emits a lot of energy towards our destination planet. But entering the atmosphere of our destination planet wasn’t as easy as we thought.
Part of our craft melted on entry. We had to try twice to figure out the right speed. But once we were in we saw a lot of alien technology. They had crafts, but they sensed nothing like ours. Some were big, others were small. And everything emitted these weird waves. It was uncomfortable, but we had suits to protect us against it. But we did feel the presence of other lifeforms aboard those craft. That’s how we knew that this was technology.
There was a lot of activity on the surface on the planet. Actually, the surface was a lot more varied than any of our planets. There was lots of liquid. It was fascinating. The rays of the fire star converted it into a thinner version of itself. It thickened up again much further up, only to drop back down at a different place. It’s a beautiful planet. But things got much worse.
We tried to find a less populated spot to land. We were all a bit uneasy about meeting the lifeforms inhabiting this planet. We actually saw a few tiny lifeforms on our way towards the ground and those didn’t seem hostile at all. More curious. Even those emitted those waves. Everything did in this star system.
As we landed we put on our exploration suits and left our craft. It was hard to move. The gravitation was far too strong to move through air, like we were used to on our planets. We were scared because this would give us a great disadvantage should the lifeforms on this planet be hostile.
We hardly left our craft as we were suddenly surrounded. They had weird, spherical heads, their front legs, for a lack of a better term, were not touching the ground. They all wore suits with varying equipment. When they opened their mouths, or what I presume to be that, they emitted those waves from before very strongly. We tried to communicate with them, but that seemed to anger them.
I’m not sure what happened after that. I’m not sure where our crew is. I’m the only one on our damaged craft. I’m so scared. Furthermore, I don’t know how to properly control it. I haven’t finished that part of my training, only the rudimental basics. I’m leaving the atmosphere but everything’s getting so hot again. If only I could remember the right speed…
Please send help. We only wanted to explore. We tried to communicate that. I’m shaken. I don’t know what to do. I’ll try to find my way back to you. I looked up known substances and there seems to be a lot of water on this planet. I haven’t sensed any lifeforms in it, but I could be very wrong. But we should prepare for anything. Maybe we can tell them we’re friendly somehow. Maybe we can tell humans that we just want to explore earth. We mean no harm.
What is that? Oh no. Something’s coming after me. It’s huge. I don’t think I can outrun…werlksjdf…aweiushkdjfv…

About Talon.

Talon is a hobby writer from Germany with an interest in code and music production. He previously appeared here on the blog in his own interview post