A New Beginning.

I am sure many of you are wondering where I’ve been. Blog posts have been few and far between lately and I’m here to provide an answer to my disappearance.

<h3>Where Has She Been? You ask.</h3>

I’ve been rather busy, hunting for and applying for my very own apartment. Yes, that time has come. I have left the nest and have found a new nest to call my own. It’s a little apartment that is close to friends, shops, transport and just about everything else one could be looking for in an apartment. My complex even has a pool! I’ve viewed several apartments and have had some rather interesting experiences throughout the process. I’m sure I could dedicate an entire post to my house hunting experience. Last week i was approved for my apartment. Since then, i have been on a tilt’a’whirl style rolercoaster of phonecalls, emails, trips to offices, packing and shifting things about. Tomorrow is the day i am most excited about. I get my keys!

<h3> Surely That’s not All You’ve Been Doing?</h3>

While house hunting has taken up much of my time, I have been doing other things too. I am now back selling scentsy, with This magical link being my new personal website. I’ve also started a new facebook page with a friend, sharing cooking experiences behind closed eyes. The page is in fact called Cooking Behind Closed Eyes and can be found on facebook.Well, this is it for me. Just a little update until i’m in my own cozy nest. Happy reading and most of all, blogging.