Cat Feet.

I shot out of bed and fumbled for my phone, silencing the loud musical trill that assaulted my ears this early in the morning. With a yawn, I sliped out of bed and shivered as the cold air of the morning crawled up my legs. After locating my glasses and warm fuzzy slippers I left my room in search of coffee.Down the hall and in to the kitchen i shuffled, my eyes not yet awake enough to see very clearly.After switching on the kettle i stood at the sink rubbing my eyes, wishing that i was back in bed, dreaming of all things caffinated. With a downward glance at my usually gleaming kitchen counters I noticed a small footprint. A dirty footprint. There wasn’t just one either. There were multiples. While the kettle continued to boil I investigated the footprints and soon noticed that they came in lots of four.They started on my window sill and ended somewhere outside the kitchen. Feeling curious, i left the kitchen in search of more footprints. They continued down the hallway again and into the spare room where my computer sat. The footprints ended at a half-open filing cabinet drawer. With a thin cord of nervousness winding its way through my body i pulled open the draw and glanced down. Spread out in the small yet spacious draw was a black and white cat. To my surprise, she was surrounded by kittens.Seven of them to be precise. After tending to the needs of mama cat and her little ones I shuffled back to the kitchen,eager to have my coffee at last.