About The Tag

Holly Of Life Of A Blind Girl completed the #WhatMakesMe tag after she was challenged to complete it by another blogger with a disability. While I am blind, it is not the only thing that makes me who I am. Blindness is just one small part of the person known as Jade or Jaidie. In this post i’ll share some of the things that make up me and then invite others to do the same. Readers may also remember the poem I wrote around the launch of my blog called I am From which also tells you a little about me.

My obsession with books.

I love books. In fact, the books app on my phone says I’ve read at least 700 books. I’ve written posts about some of my favourite books and intend to continue writing reviews as soon as I’m fully settled into my new place. I’d love to own shelf upon shelf of physical books, only for the smell. in fact, if book smell could be made into a perfume I think I’d just about die of bookwormish happiness.

My music collection.

My music collection is huge! I’ve a number of Spotify playlists, including one that has 1374 songs. It’s called The Epic Playlist and has been set up so that everyone can add songs to it which is the purpose for the playlist. I have music playing most of the time and love a song with a positive, happy meaning behind it.

My clothing collection and my love of clothes.

I used to own a lot of clothes but as I’ve recently moved i shrunk the collection. I love purchasing from charity stores and garage/yard sales and think it’s unbelievable what people will throw away. I am somewhat good at throwing together combinations on the fly and love helping others mix and match their own clothes.
Jaidie stands in a doorway dressed in a knee-length sun dress with her hair framing her face. The dress is black at the top with a pattern starting under the bust. The dress has been paired with a light, silky kimono jacket and flip-flops.
This is one outfit i wore to a friend’s surprise dinner out.
Jaidie stands against a simple background dressed in a black off the shoulder top and long black skirt. Her hair falls straight down to just above her shoulders. She wears a necklace and black and white cuff bracelet. This one I wore to church. The outfit received many compliments. The skirt half of the outfit is actually a strappless dresswhich didn’t fit well as intended. I simply folded the top half down a little so that i wasn’t tripping on it and it became a skirt.

My writing hobby.

I love writing. That’s why this blog was created. I can remember clunking out little short stories on the perkins braille machine at school. Those were loud things and I’m grateful for the technology which exists today.

My love of animals.

I love animals. I dream of owning my own animal rescue one day but will settle for a few cats and dogs. Here’s a sweet pic of my dog Tira.
A black dog stretches out on a purple and white blanket. Her paws are stretched out and her tail is tucked behind her.
And here’s another of Tira and I taken with the assistance of an Aira Agent Jeremy.
Jaidie sits on the floor with her arm around a black dog who is licking her face.

A new-found love of cooking.

After I moved out of home I really started cooking. Cooking has become something I enjoy doing, especially if it is with the slow cooker. If you do not have one of these amazing kitchen gadgets, i suggest you get one.

That’s it.

Well, that’s it for this post. I am unable to think of anyone to tag, so I am throwing this out to the blogging world. if you have a disability and would like to complete the challenge, you are more than welcome to.