The Big White House. Flash Fiction by The Lone Wolf

Our First Guest Of The year, The Lone Wolf.

happy New Year all!
This first post of the year is a guest post, written by my beautiful friend The Lone Wolf. I hope you all enjoy reading her work.

The Big White House.

Every day, I walk to school, even when I probably shouldn’t because of how bitingly cold it can get. As I walk down the street adjacent to mine, I pass by a white house with a big wrap-around porch bedecked with two simple wooden rocking chairs. In one sits an old woman with long grey hair with streaks of the old brown still stubbornly hanging on. She is usually wrapped in a black shawl in Winter, or dressed in a simple black cotton dress in Summer. In the other chair sits and old man with close-cropped white hair and dressed simply in jeans and an old faded t-shirt. By the woman’s feet lies a german shepherd, one of a long line. I always hear the couple laughing and talking and occasionally, I see the man come over and hug the woman tightly with a look of agony on his face. She always kisses him gently, and says something which ccauses the man to relax. Today however, I pass by, and find no man, no woman, and no dog. Only a letter, addressed to me.

About The Lone Wolf.

The Lone Wolf is a writer with limited blogging experience from the United States. She hopes to expand her writing as the new year progresses. she enjoys star Trek, MASH, reading stories, D&D, and anything to do with dogs. she is currently in the process of establishing her online profile, and contact info will be available shortly.

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