My Thoughts On Birdbox


Tonight, I sat down to watch the recently released film Birdbox featuring Sandra Bullock. I started watching with a feeling of uncertainty as the film features people who are blindfolded in order to protect themselves from seeing a creature which has driven most of society to suicide. I was nervous about how blindness would be portrayed in this film and must say that it is not accurate at all.

The Birdbox Challenge.

With the release of the film comes a new viral trend that is putting many people in danger. Many people are appearing on YouTube in Birdbox challenge videos where they blindfold themselves to complete tasks such as crossing a road or walking down an escalator without sight. As those of us who are blind do not use blindfolds, blindness is poorly represented in this film, as it has been in most films featuring blind people in my opinion. I feel that i should not have to say what I am about to say, though it must be said for the message to be spread. Do not endanger yourself, your friends and family or those around you in the public by completing a Birdbox challenge video. IF you would like to learn about what it is really like to be blind, there are many YouTubers who have explained their eye conditions and how they complete tasks without sight.

Final Thoughts.

As always, if you have any questions about my blindness or how I complete daily tasks, I am happy to answer them. If you have not seen it yet and would like to, it is possible to stream the movie on Netflix.