These are a few of my favourite Apps.

Mobile phones have changed in the last fifteen years, morphing from giant bricks too big for any pocket into small thin devices that can be compared to pocket computers. Buttons were replaced with touch screens, bluetooth became a thing and headphone ports were removed completely or swapped out for newer, better options. Along with the change in phone hardware came a change in software, making it possible for friends and family to stay connected, business people to work on the go and budding photographers to take the perfect photo without having to carry too much extra gear. Smart phones have also become a useful tool for completing tasks around the home, in the office and on the go. Here are my favourite apps for getting things done and having some fun. All applications listed here are VoiceOver friendly.

Apps FOr Getting Things Done.

Moovit. This is a fantastic application that makes catching public transport easy. I can search for journeys, receive step by step instructions without any maps getting in the way and get alerts when my bus is approaching or I’m nearing my stop. The application has been made with the blind in mind and the company who created the app have recently partnered with Be My eyes, making it even easier for those of us who are blind or have low vision to use public transport.

Next There is another app that I use. It provides real-time information on bus, train and ferry lines. The application has a subscription which allows you to save more than three stops or stations, but with the subscription you can save more and access a few other features. This app may not work in other parts of the world yet, but I do know it works successfully in Brisbane.

Seeing AI made by microsoft makes reading my mail, identifying food packages and taking photos easy. There are many wonderful features built into this app, including face recognition which is easy to set up. Identifying cash can be done with the money scanning feature and reading those dreaded bills can be done in just a few moments with the short text and document features.

When Seeing AI won’t do the job, I turn to the next app on my list, Bee My Eyes. Bee my eyes connects blind users with sighted volunteers who can assist with reading, identification and navigation. Recent partnerships with Microsoft and google mean that blind users can connect with these companies to receive assistance with their products. Be my eyes is a service that relies on the help of volunteers. Becoming a volunteer is an easy process and can be done within the Bee My Eyes app.

Apps For Fun.

All work and no play makes a very boring life. Here’s a few apps that I use in my down time.

For books, I have Audible, Kindle and of course Goodreads for all my reading recommendations and my 2019 reading challenge which I have almost completed. I also use spotify for music where I”ve created a playlist with over 1900 songs.

A few more apps.

Here a few more apps I use that may be useful.

Microsoft To-Do by Microsoft Corporation

BeSpecular – Help The Blind by BeSpecular LTD

Dice World: Fun with Friends by AppA11y, Inc.

These are just a few apps available out there. I could be here listing apps all day. If you’ would like to see what other apps are available, you can click over to the AppleVis website which has app directories for iPhone, Mac, Apple Tv and Apple Watch. If you like any of the apps I’ve listed here, most if not all of them are free to download. Some may require an in-app purchase, whereas others will not.