A Guide For Adding Alt Text To Photos On Social Media.

Alt Text. What Is It?

When you look at an image, you can see what the image contains. If it’s a puppy playing with a ball, you can see that just by looking at it. For people who are blind or have low vision, determining what the image contains is quite difficult. This is where alt text comes in handy. Alt text describes an image and also appears if an image fails to load. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all have an alt text feature, meaning that people who are blind or have low vision can scroll through their feeds and timelines and view images with ease. While the feature is there, not many people know about it, meaning that image recognition features on the social networks come up with an infrequently accurate description of the photo. An image of a snake posted to Facebook several months back was recognised as being a bowl of food! This is a guide for adding alt text to your images on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Please note: These guides have been written for posting from smart devices. The steps may vary if posting from any kind of computer.


1. Write your post, attach your image/s and post as usual.
2. Go to your post and tap on the image. Tap on the more button.
3. Tap on Edit Alt Text.
4. On the next screen, tap the Override generated alt text button.
5. Write your text and press the save button.


Instagram has a process that is much simpler than the one facebook uses.
1. Go through the motions of posting your image as normal.
2. On the screen where you write your caption, tag friends and select which platforms to post the image to, tap the Advanced Settings button.
3. Tap the Write Alt Text button and type in your text.
4. Post your image.


To post image descriptions on twitter, you must first enable the compose image descriptions for the blind feature in your twitter settings. Go to Settings and Privacy>accessibility and tap the Compose Image Descriptions button. You won’t have to enable this again. When you have written your tweet and added the image, an add description button will appear. Tap that, write your description and post your tweet as normal.

And That’s That. It’s so Simple.

This brings our post on Alt text to an end. If you have found this content useful, please do let me know. There are more guides and how to’s for alt text all over the interwebs, with some describing all of its purposes. If you like what you’ve written, please do support me with a coffee on Ko-fi.
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