Me Too

There is one day that I will remember for the rest of my life. Because of that day, enclosed spaces scare me. Garages do too. I won’t wear little sleep shorts to bed and I hate anything with strawberry. There are so many things that I could say about that day. I could tell you about his car. Or his hands. I could tell you about the weather and how the heat had made my hair stick to the back of my neck. I could tell you everything that happened that day, but I won’t. I’ll simply say “Me Too.”

3 thoughts on “Me Too

  1. I am a muslim migrant who tried to rape jaidie. After pulling her into that trashed filled alley and unhooking the hydrollics from her, I lifted–what I assumed was a burka–which turned out to be her organic meat suit–and promptly lost my lunch all over her face, may I say offering a free facial remodel in the process. TLDR: I’m back in libia eating trash and fleaing from child soldiers after trying to rape jaidie.


  2. You should serve as a cure for perves and sexual harassers. I am quite certained that anyone who went to touch you in any way would find themselves needing a trip to the psychiatric ward. Anyone who would try to grope you would probably be doing so from a straight jacket, as a form of seeking contact after years without it.
    Or the more alternative version would be,
    <Jaidie tried to sleep with me. #me2


  3. shut the fuck up you dilusional cunt, you must’ve simply eaten something that didn’t agree to join the rest of your fatrolls, and consequently halucinated this, let me call it a fantasy. You’re so disgusting that no one would even have the stomach to get arouzed when near by you. This is why #MeToo is a lie madeup by other deranged wom … I mean creatures such as yourself so that they may feel special.


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