The Great Facebook Break of 2019

Lately I’ve noticed that I rely on Facebook for entertainment when I find myself board. After a conversation I had with my friend tonight, I’ve decided to run a little experiment. Over the next week, I will not be using Facebook in any form except for posts to my Facebook page for this blog. I’ve removed all Facebook apps from my iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. At the end of the week I’ll return with an update on how my Facebook free week went. If you’re wondering how things might turn out, these are my expectations and plans. Since I generally scroll through my newsfeed first thing in the morning over a cup of coffee, I’ve plans to replace Facebook with news apps, posts written by other bloggers and of course, reading all of the books. I’ll be using twitter, both for personal and blogging use. Of course, there will also be some Instagram posts too. I know this is going to be hard, I’ve already been tempted to log in on my computer several times but I must resist the temptation. If you’d like to see daily updates on how I’m going with the challenge, follow me on my new Instagram, @WritingJaidie

One thought on “The Great Facebook Break of 2019

  1. The only thing I want to break is your face, that might actualliy make it more pleasant to look upon as opposed to the state which it’s in now; that is to say a circular blob of facial muscles overtaken by the massive amount of blubber whhich is the identity of Jaidie.


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