20 Signs You Might Be A Bookaholic

Do you believe you might be a bookaholic? Not sure how to find out? Never fear! Here are 20 signs you might be a bookaholic.

You might be a bookaholic if:

1) You want the book to finish but you don’t want the book to finish.
2) Your to read pile is almost as tall as you are yet you keep adding books to it.
3) You can’t sleep because your mind is too busy thinking about the book your reading yet you need to be up early.
4) You follow far too many book related pages, groups and accounts.
5) you check the time, go back to reading and check the time a few moments later only to realise that three hours has passed.
6) You get excited about library book sales.
7) You receive more book promotion emails than important ones.
8) The only product amazon recommends to you is books.
9) You enjoy that new or old book smell
10) Your screen time report shows the Kindle app as being most used app.
11) You spend too much time in libraries or book shops.
12) When you have more loyalty cards to bookstores than forms of ID in your wallet.
13) When you think book clubs are the only good clubs to go to.
14) You get sad because people have only seen the movie adaptation and not read the book.
15) You delay reading the last book of a series until the next book comes out.
16) You use anything within reach as a bookmark.
17) The only thing you ask for as a gift is books.
18) You have more than one book shelf
19) You have more books than shoes or clothes.
20) It took you ages to read this list because you just couldn’t put your book down.

I’m a bookaholic and proud to be one!

I’ve written this list with the help of some people in a book group I”m a part of on Facebook. Writing the list has made me realize just how much of a bookaholic I Really am. Are you a bookaholic? Did i miss anything that should have been on the list? I’d love to hear from you. Perhaps leave a comment below. If you’d like to be a part of my Bookaholics Annonymous Group, you can Join with this link.
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  1. It’s amazing that for how much work you put into this rather horrendous blog, I am the only one who feels the need to comment. You should consider me a hero!


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