A Unique Bucket List

A bit of an interesting Post.

While I am happy without sight, I often like to think about what I would do if I had 20/20 vision, even for a short while. I do experience sadness from time to time about being blind, but I do not let that stop me from living life to the fullest. This post is all about what I would do if I had full sight for a week.

Drive a car. I would love to drive properly, without someone helping me control the car. It wouldn’t matter where I drove, just driving by myself once would be nice. I’m sure the novelty would wear off at some point, but I still would do it if I could.
Look at all the different colours and their shades. I’d go to a paint store and spend as much time as I could just looking at the colours, taking them in and storing them in my mind for the future.
I’d watch the sun set over the water. I’d stay awake all night just to see it rise again.
Read all the signs and look at all the billboards. I pass by so many signs on my travels, yet I don’t have a clue what any of them say. I’d read them all. Adverts can be annoying, but it would be awesome to look over, see a billboard and know what the advert being displayed was
Read a book from cover to cover. I do this already but can’t enjoy the feeling of holding a physical book in my hands. I would love to read an actual book that doesn’t weigh a ton or exist on my phone.
Learn to draw. I would learn to draw, just so I could adapt that for having no vision.
I would gather all my friends and family in one place so I could see their faces. I know what they sound like and vaguely what they look like, but having those mental images would mean so much to me.
Go shopping. I’d shop for groceries and for clothes. Shopping with the assistance of a friend, support person or supermarket staff member wouldn’t be the same as doing it normally.
Watch a movie in 3D. When you’re blind, 3D technology is pretty useless. It would be fun to wear those glasses and sit through a movie.

Play a computer game. Yes, there are computer games that have been designed with the blind in mind. I’d love to play a play station game that isn’t a racing one. I’d even try those old arcade games, just for the fun of it.

What would you do?

There you have it. My unique bucket list. If you lost or gained a sense or disability, what would you do? This post is in no way meant to offend any of my fellow people with disabilities. If I have caused offense, I do appologise. If you have enjoyed this post, please do consider buying me a Coffee or sharing this post with your friends and family.

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