Breakfast Casserole

I’ve been in the kitchen creating again. Something that’s not exactly easy on the hips but we all need a little carb and calorie filled treat occasionally. I couldn’t find any eggless breakfast casseroles that I liked the sound of so I made my own, and it tastes fantastic! Next time we make this we plan on adding some capsicum (Bell Pepper) for a little bit of extra flavour.

A pot of food
The casserole cooking away in our slow cooker.

Here are the ingredients.

1 bag hash browns

8 chicken sausages chopped into bite sized pieces

Half a cup of grated cheese,doesn’t matter what you use

1 can cream of chicken soup

Mushrooms,as little or as much as you like

1 cup onion



1 tablespoon garlic.

And The Rest Is Easy!

Put a layer of hash browns at the bottom of your slow cooker dish. On top of that, add a layer of chopped sausages, some of the onion, some of the cheese and some of the mushroom. Lay more of the hash browns on top of that and repeat.Poor the can of soup over the top of it all, addyour salt, pepper and garlic and you’re good to go. I cooked mine on high for three hours and have just switched it over to low for another hour or so.

Here’s Our Final Result!

Here it is, all heated up and ready to eat. I had this yesterday for breakfast and again this morning with a piece of buttered toast.

A bowl of food
A bowl of casserole sitting on a kitchen countertop.

If you make this, I’d love to hear if you changed anything. This is a good one if you don’t like egg or you’ve got some fussy eaters in the house.

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  1. How many did you actually eat, like 10? Jesus, listen to your doctor and stop eating so much you engorged piece of sperm.


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