An Email To the ESafety Office

Just a note.

The following text contains subjects and references that may trigger or offend readers. Please take caution when reading and seek help if you feel you have been affected by what you have read. This has been happening this week which is why I have not been active on the blog or twitter.

An Email To the ESafety Office.

To Whom it may concern.

My name is Jade Kelly and I am writing to report events of cyber-crime and fraudulent use of a personal email address. On Sunday, June 23, I received email notification of two comments posted to my blog. Both comments were marked as spam and deleted from the blog by me. Copies of the emails were kept and both comments made were saved to a text file. In the early hours of Wednesday, June 26, I was inundated with a further 16 emails notifying me of more comments. I acted immediately by tracing the IP, marking the comments as spam and deleting all that I could. These comments were also added to the text file previously mentioned and these emails were kept with the others.
The comments are posted using a VPn and the IP has been different the two times Emails have been received. The commenter hides behind fake names which contain racial slurs or insult me and those close to me, and the comments contain hurtful and offensive language that has caused me emotional distress to the point where I am unable to read those emails and require assistance with shifting them to the text file.
On Thursday, June 27, I received a further six emails, all of which were confirmation or verification emails for websites that I did not sign up to myself. These emails have been kept and I am in the process of seeing what can be done to have my accounts removed. The person behind these actions has registered me for accounts on the following websites:
• Porn Hub
• Best Gore
• Storm Front
• Fetish Requests
• The ISB (Islamic Society of Britain) Mailing List and
• Islamic City.
On the same day, at roughly 9:30Pm, yet another email was received, this one requesting verification for a Craigslist add that offered a room for rent in my name. On receiving the email, I completed the verification steps and had the advert taken down. Today, on June 28, I received yet another email, this one for the Islamic Networks Group. This email too has been kept.
I have posted the comments below and attached a copy of the original text file.
title: Book Review: Little Eden.
Name: ~
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Title: Book Review: Little Eden.
Name: Adolf Hitler.
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Title: Book Review: Little Eden.
Name: Rock’n roll nigger.
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Title: Breakfast Casserole.
Name: Jaidie Sucks DicKKK.
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Title: Positivity Can Overcome Sadness.
Name: Talon The Faggot.
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Email: iloveyou@niggercunt.coon.

Title: A Unique Bucket List.
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Title: The Lady’s Lullaby.
Name: Turned even more gay after encounter.
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Title: The Great Facebook Break of 2019.
Name: Gay after Jaidie.
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Title: Me Too.
Name: Your violent garage lover
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Title: Me Too
Name: Straight from the psyche ward
Comment: You should serve as a cure for perves and sexual harassers. I am quite certained that anyone who went to touch you in any way would find themselves needing a trip to the psychiatric ward. Anyone who would try to grope you would probably be doing so from a straight jacket, as a form of seeking contact after years without it.
Or the more alternative version would be,
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Email: garageboy@zzzzz.zz

Title: Me Too
Name: Mustafa Al Sharia Akbar.
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Title: 6 Common Myths About Blind People Debunked.
Name: Helpful Guiding Stepdad.
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Title: Internet Sticks and Online Stones.
Name: Jaidie is Amazing.
Comment: Maybe you're simply the kind of person who's amazing to make fun of, we all have our uses in life. And in your death, you will serve as a gourmet meal for a hord of ravenous ethiopians.

Title: Lemon Chicken
Name: Vomit
Comment: how about a recepie for something that won't make people end up resembling you. thank you.
Email: zombie@rock.fuck

Title: 20 Signs You Might Be A Bookaholic
Name: Aboriginy
Comment: It's amazing that for how much work you put into this rather horrendous blog, I am the only one who feels the need to comment. You should consider me a hero!

Title: Internet Sticks and Online Stones
Name: Your broken X
Comment: here's another, sticks and stones may never hurt me but jadie coming down on my foot will sure break it. fucking ouch, I take back all of my anti-fat shaming commentaries.
Email: hitler@niggermail.chicago

Title: The Great Facebook Break of 2019
Name: Fatty Mc'Fatterson.
Comment: did the facebook brake last longer than your carbohydrate cutback?
Email: jesus@god.heaven

Title: Guest Post: Ain't it Time for Change?
Name: Shit Monkey
Comment: I bet if you hang out with Jaidie you are suffering from similar conditions and as I hastely empty my digestive tract from my maw, I can't help but feel a twinge of sympathy for what you are enduring.
Email: shitmonkey@shit.feces

Title: Why.
Name: Lispy Jaidie
Comment: I hope you dont recite this poem with that shitty lisp of yours that
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Email: jesuschrist@icantbelievethis.shit

Title: Agony
Name: Whore
Comment: what a great post. I would write a post entitled "20 signs
you're a sex addict." Unfortunately, for readers, your
picture cured my addiction. thank you. I am now going off to purge my
bowels–no doubt producing a toilet baby whose much more physically
***End Of Comments***
The events of this week have caused me to feel depressed and anxious, as the comments shame my appearance and the way I talk which has affected my self-esteem. As for how the commenter has obtained my email address, I had previously hyperlinked to it, providing authors a way to contact me for book review requests. I am currently in the process of removing all contact information, preventing anyone from contacting me as a precaution. We know who may be behind this, as they have left several clues that suggest they know me or the other people they mention.
I am reporting this as I have concerns for my identity being fraudulently used to register for even more websites and do not want to end up on the wrong side of the law due to the nature of the websites which I have been and may be registered for. I wish to know if there is anything else that I can do, apart from what has and is already being done. I am willing to do anything that finds the person behind this, as nobody should go through what I have gone through this week. Apart from the information provided, I am happy to provide any further information that may be required.

Jade Kelly.

Support Services.

If you have read right through to the end, I thank you. If you have been affected by anything you may have read, please do seek help. If you have been a victim of cyber bullying or abuse, I hope you are doing ok. Please, stay sharp online. Know who to contact in times like these.