About this PoemThis was a poem I wrote after my now ex boyfriend's mother passed away. I was channeling one of my favourite authors, Sherman alexie. I do hope you enjoy. WhyWhy, why, why, why, Why did you have to die? Why did you have to leave him so alone? Why did you have to … Continue reading Why


A little about this story This story was written after I had listened to a performance done by a very dear friend of mine. I do hope you like it. Warning: This story may contain content of a sexual or explicit nature. Reader discretion is advised. Agony She took his hand as they listened to … Continue reading Agony

A Destructive dance

About this story This is a piece I wrote about seven months ago or so, and I consider it one of my most treasured. As this piece contains graphic content reader discretion is advised. A Destructive Dance She danced. As a torrent of tears fell down her cheeks, she danced. She plastered a smile on … Continue reading A Destructive dance