Blind Creators & Friends Of The Blog

I’m not the only blind creator out there. On this page, you’ll find other creators like myself and friends of the blog. Links to their blogs, YouTube Channels or other online profiles will be found here alongside a brief description of the link. The page can be easily read as the page links are in headings. Users of screen reading software can now navigate around the page using the heading navigation commands or gestures with their chosen screenreader. This page will be updated as new links and pages are found. You can bookmark the page in your favourite browser to check on page updates as they are made. Each time an update is posted, i will share the page on twitter.
If you would like to have your link shared, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Is a blog which contains often educational posts on sex and kink, musings about blindness and occasional pictures of cute and fluffy cats.

A Journey In The Dark

Kaitlynn blogs about her personal experiences with being blind and about what it’s like living as the last of her vision fades.

Andre Louis

Greetings. I’m Andre Louis, a visually impaired musician from London. Most of my videos will be about sounds that have inspired me in one way or another, whether that’s to make a track, or because I might make something once a new sound has been found.
I attempt to show you what interests me, or if I get a new plugin, why I like it.
You’ll find musical breakdowns, discussions of why I think certain sounds go together, all done in a hopefully, fun and informal setting. Andre has a patreon, which he has linked to on his YouTube channel.

Nikola Stojsic

I am a blind music producer, sound designer, pianist, keyboardist, programmer and web developer from Serbia, and I upload tracks of my own every month.
Subscribe to my channel for music which is free to download and ready to be used for your own needs, as long as you give credit where credit is due, and
feel free to get in touch!


A place for free verse poems prompted by feelings, conversations, scraps, and everything in between.

Mariah’s Musings

While the blog is not quite ready yet, Mariah says she writes about anything and everything so there’s bound to be something of interest. She does give fair warning though as she doesn’t sensor her thoughts so there may be things that people don’t agree with.

Ross Minor

Blinded from a gun shot, Ross Minor is a Paralympic swimmer, gamer, public figure, and technology enthusiast.

Black Screen Gaming

Is a place for longer form interaction and posts by an assortment of contributors from around the world. Everything involving blind gaming including thoughts, opinions, reviews, first takes, and more. Expect the unexpected, audio and accessible games are what we cover, but not what we are limited to.

Dark Tail

Can be found on SoundCloud as a rapper and occasional YouTuber.

Helen’s Toybox

This blog is about sex-positivity, synaesthesia and everything in between. There will be toy reviews as well as stories and musings.

Talon the Dragon

Is a blind music producer, programmer and very occasional blogger with claws.


Is a start up blog that discusses adventures in the world as a blind young woman, nonprofits, making her way through the world as a brand new guide dog user who is unashamedly herself and unapologetic.

Short Shady

This is my little section of the web where I write about life as a person who is totally blind and also has dwarfism, putting me at less than 4 feet tall. I share my life, thoughts, and other projects with the world in this space, and welcome ideas, opinions or suggestions from others.

Cameron Strife’s YouTube Channel

I am a blind performer, music producer, composer, guitar teacher, and I also review instruments and equipment.

Thinking Out Loud

I’m a blind disability blogger and disability journalist: I Challenge perceptions through education and humour, empowering others to be more disability confident. You can find Sassy from Thinking Out Loud on YouTube too.

Logic Pro X Gaming

I’m a blind creator that enjoys making music and gaming. Is it a problem that I don’t mention my blindness on my channel a whole lot? That’s mainly because I’d rather pay full focus on the content and not on my disability… But it is a thing.

Joseph King

Greetings. My name is Joseph King. I am a 26-year-old pianist currently residing in Richland Hills, TX. I enjoy composing music for the piano when I can, which really should be happening a lot more often than it has been of late. 🙂 Nevertheless, what I have composed can be found both on my Bandcamp page and also on my YouTube Channel. I do hope that you will take the time to check out what I have to offer musically. If you like what you hear, why not buy the tracks and subscribe to my channel? I am also open to ideas about which keys/moods to use for my next tracks, so if you have any ideas, feel free to get in touch.

Kyle Smith Music

I’ve been a drummer for the past 22 or so years, and a studio musician for the last 10. I often upload new content to YouTube as well as my website. This content will mostly be stuff about drums, but you never know what I’ll come up with.