Me Too

There is one day that I will remember for the rest of my life. Because of that day, enclosed spaces scare me. Garages do too. I won’t wear little sleep shorts to bed and I hate anything with strawberry. There are so many things that I could say about that day. I could tell you … Continue reading Me Too


The 51 Question Challenge

It's not often that I get bored but when I do, things like this happen. I realize that I have not been posting to the blog as often as i used to so I took to the internet. I've done a post like this one before, but this one I think has half the question … Continue reading The 51 Question Challenge


About The Tag Holly Of Life Of A Blind Girl completed the #WhatMakesMe tag after she was challenged to complete it by another blogger with a disability. While I am blind, it is not the only thing that makes me who I am. Blindness is just one small part of the person known as Jade … Continue reading #WhatMakesMe

A New Beginning.

I am sure many of you are wondering where I've been. Blog posts have been few and far between lately and I'm here to provide an answer to my disappearance. <h3>Where Has She Been? You ask.</h3> I've been rather busy, hunting for and applying for my very own apartment. Yes, that time has come. I … Continue reading A New Beginning.

100 Questions With 100 Answers.

I'm going to be honest and admit a lack of inspiration is the reason for this post. I did a couple google searches and found this post by The Stented Papa. I'm going to answer all of these questions you see here below, and tag a few people who i hope will participate in the … Continue reading 100 Questions With 100 Answers.

It’s all about the books. IE

Happy Monday everyone. It has been a while since my last post. I'm here tonight to change that however. I'm here with a few updates and notices of sorts. The Blind Creators Project. If you follow my writing account on twitter or even my personal one, you will have seen me tweeting about this on … Continue reading It’s all about the books. IE