Remember When

I remember when the only way you could connect to the Internet was by having a cord connected to the computer. Computers took up half the desk and needed a constant power source to work, it took ages to load a website and our choices for search engines and programs were limited. We could only … Continue reading Remember When


For My Love

This post is for my sonic. It’s for my light in the dark, my warmth when it’s cold, my strength when I’ve none. I write this for the other half of me who is so many kilometres away yet so close by at the same time. I write this post on the ninth month of … Continue reading For My Love

Turkey Day Thankfulness

Thanks giving. The day for thankfulness, friends, family and food. As many US citizens bring their celebrations to a close or head to bed nursing large food babies consisting of turkey and other tasty holiday treats, I thought I would bring you a list of the things I am thankful for. My loving, caring, kind … Continue reading Turkey Day Thankfulness