Book Review: Little Eden

Today I bring you another book review! This one was sent in to me by an author I met in a Facebook reading group. The Book. Little Eden by KT King. You can visit this page for all things Little Eden and KT King. About The Book 2012. Little Eden, London, England. The beautiful sanctuary … Continue reading Book Review: Little Eden

Book Review: Anxiety Girl By Lacey London

Another book review. Here I am, breaking my post silence. I've not posted in a while and thought I'd return with a book review. The book I'm posting about is Anxiety Girl By Lacey London which can be purchased on Amazon Description. From the best-selling author of the CLARA ANDREWS series. Sadie Valentine was just … Continue reading Book Review: Anxiety Girl By Lacey London

A Destructive dance

About this story This is a piece I wrote about seven months ago or so, and I consider it one of my most treasured. As this piece contains graphic content reader discretion is advised. A Destructive Dance She danced. As a torrent of tears fell down her cheeks, she danced. She plastered a smile on … Continue reading A Destructive dance

The Big White House. Flash Fiction by The Lone Wolf

Our First Guest Of The year, The Lone Wolf.happy New Year all! This first post of the year is a guest post, written by my beautiful friend The Lone Wolf. I hope you all enjoy reading her work. The Big White House.Every day, I walk to school, even when I probably shouldn't because of how … Continue reading The Big White House. Flash Fiction by The Lone Wolf

Jaidie’s Bookshelf: Latest Reads

Recently I've become an avid audible and kindle unlimited user. I've read some fantastic titles, including the one I reviewed recently by Tl Clark. As I'll be away next week, I'll be reviewing these books when i return. For now, here's what I've been reading and where you can purchase them. Don't Rush Me by … Continue reading Jaidie’s Bookshelf: Latest Reads

Flash Fiction Competition 3rd Place: Please Help.

Please Help. I need help. We need help. Everything turned bad really quick. This is Expedition Z13. I’m the student A35 that was sent with the crew. I’m not sure what… OK let me slow down. Everything is a bit hazy. We arrived a couple of units ago. Actually entering the orbit of the planet … Continue reading Flash Fiction Competition 3rd Place: Please Help.

Flash Fiction Competition 2nd Place: Footprints Through Time

I am proud to bring you our second place winner from the flash fiction competition. This is Footprints Through Time by Gabrielle Corbett. Footprints Through Time. The boots were always with her. No matter where she woke, no matter when she woke, the boots were always with her. It was as if the gods realized … Continue reading Flash Fiction Competition 2nd Place: Footprints Through Time

Flash Fiction Competition 1st place: Three Robots

I am proud to bring you our first place winner from the flash fiction competition. This is Three Robots by Josh Taylor. Three Robots Walk into a BarThey ordered sarsaparillas. Robots always order sarsaparilla. I glanced in their direction as I pulled out the bottles to give to their waitress, Judy. They sat at a … Continue reading Flash Fiction Competition 1st place: Three Robots

New Beginnings

She huddled in the corner of her seat and clutched the tattered photograph to her chest. Not wanting to let go of the last memory she had of them, she ignored the tears that flowed down her cheeks. She didn't care that her makeup was ruined. All she focused on was the photo. Not even … Continue reading New Beginnings

The Time Lord

Everything stopped, people were stood like statues all around me, people in cars, men on bicycles, babies in prams all lifeless, frozen in time. This was always the shocking part of my little talent, seeing everyone and everything frozen in time. One woman was stopped in the middle of lifting her coffee for a sip, … Continue reading The Time Lord

30 Days Of Flash Fiction Challenge.

Back in may, I was challenged by my partner to write one flash fiction piece a day for the month of June. I was bad and missed the first five days, but here we are on the sixth. I'll be posting one flash fiction piece for each day in June. You can find all of … Continue reading 30 Days Of Flash Fiction Challenge.

Announcement: Flash Fiction Competition Winners

The time has finally come to announce the winners of the Flash Fiction Competition We had a number of outstanding entries which made picking just three winners difficult. After many hours spent in deliberation, three amazing entries were finally chosen. It brings me great pleasure to announce our winners. 1st Place: Three Robots by Josh … Continue reading Announcement: Flash Fiction Competition Winners


As I leaned back in my chair i emptied my goblet of its contents and placed it on the small table beside me. With a long exhalation of breath that was more for show than anything i gazed about the bar, my gaze landing on a beauty with hair as black as night and unusual … Continue reading Nightshade

Book Review: Love Bites (Darkness & Light Duology Book 1)

The Book.It's been a while since I posted a book review, yet here one is. Today I'm reviewing Love Bites (Darkness & Light Duology Book 1) by TL Clark. You can purchase a copy from amazon. Description:Shakira didn’t fit in. The reason why is tragic… …but the solution is unbelievable. Moving to Wales was a … Continue reading Book Review: Love Bites (Darkness & Light Duology Book 1)

Flash Fiction: Her Lost Love.

The last post on his Facebook is the cute photo of us reclining on the beach as the sun sets with our hands linked and a flower tucked behind my ear. My hair danced in the sea breeze as I laughed, while he leant in for a kiss. I can still remember what his lips felt like as they pressed into mine. If I try hard enough, I can still feel the warmth of his hands as he pulled me close and brushed my hair away from my face.

Introducing Our Newest Writer

I'd like to introduce our newest writer who has called herself Peppin The Panda. Peppin has written an introduction which can be found below. Hi! I’m “Peppin the Panda”. Outside of this blog, I am a University student in my final year of an Arts/Law degree. When I’m not studying, I love listening to music, … Continue reading Introducing Our Newest Writer

Flash Fiction: Injected Serenity.

As many of you may have read, i wrote a flash fiction titled The Photo. My friend who also happens to be a writer used the same prompt that i was given at my writers group and a photo she took of my dogs and I. She's allowed me to share her flash fiction here, … Continue reading Flash Fiction: Injected Serenity.

Flash Fiction: The photo.

IN this one, you are smiling. Standing there in your black jeans, boots and t-shirt you look happy. One would even say care free. You don’t look like you have any secrets, but I know you do. I saw you there that night, silver knife glinting in your hand, the blade curved in a sinister … Continue reading Flash Fiction: The photo.