The Great Facebook Break of 2019

Lately I've noticed that I rely on Facebook for entertainment when I find myself board. After a conversation I had with my friend tonight, I’ve decided to run a little experiment. Over the next week, I will not be using Facebook in any form except for posts to my Facebook page for this blog. I’ve … Continue reading The Great Facebook Break of 2019


The 51 Question Challenge

It's not often that I get bored but when I do, things like this happen. I realize that I have not been posting to the blog as often as i used to so I took to the internet. I've done a post like this one before, but this one I think has half the question … Continue reading The 51 Question Challenge

These are a few of my favourite Apps.

Mobile phones have changed in the last fifteen years, morphing from giant bricks too big for any pocket into small thin devices that can be compared to pocket computers. Buttons were replaced with touch screens, bluetooth became a thing and headphone ports were removed completely or swapped out for newer, better options. Along with the … Continue reading These are a few of my favourite Apps.