The Lady’s Lullaby

About the Story This little short story is probably a rather strange interpretation of the song that inspired it. While listening to a radio show of a friend of mine, I heard a beautifully written song by Zoë Wren. The song is one of the tracks on her album which can be purchased on Bandcamp. … Continue reading The Lady’s Lullaby



About The Tag Holly Of Life Of A Blind Girl completed the #WhatMakesMe tag after she was challenged to complete it by another blogger with a disability. While I am blind, it is not the only thing that makes me who I am. Blindness is just one small part of the person known as Jade … Continue reading #WhatMakesMe

Dance Of The Wolves

A little introduction. This piece was inspired by a song produced by my partner. The song is also called Dance Of The Wolves and can be listened to on his SoundCloud profile. If you like what I post, please support me by buying me a coffee. If you enjoy my partner's music, you can support … Continue reading Dance Of The Wolves