The Big White House. Flash Fiction by The Lone Wolf

Our First Guest Of The year, The Lone Wolf.happy New Year all! This first post of the year is a guest post, written by my beautiful friend The Lone Wolf. I hope you all enjoy reading her work. The Big White House.Every day, I walk to school, even when I probably shouldn't because of how … Continue reading The Big White House. Flash Fiction by The Lone Wolf


The Flower Man.

Every day on my way to work I pass by a grand old house with a beautiful garden set out in the front yard. A sign attached to the mailbox advertises flowers for sale and an elderly man sits in a rocking chair on the wide veranda with a cup of tea by is side … Continue reading The Flower Man.

Flash Fiction Competition 1st place: Three Robots

I am proud to bring you our first place winner from the flash fiction competition. This is Three Robots by Josh Taylor. Three Robots Walk into a BarThey ordered sarsaparillas. Robots always order sarsaparilla. I glanced in their direction as I pulled out the bottles to give to their waitress, Judy. They sat at a … Continue reading Flash Fiction Competition 1st place: Three Robots

New Beginnings

She huddled in the corner of her seat and clutched the tattered photograph to her chest. Not wanting to let go of the last memory she had of them, she ignored the tears that flowed down her cheeks. She didn't care that her makeup was ruined. All she focused on was the photo. Not even … Continue reading New Beginnings

30 Days Of Flash Fiction Challenge.

Back in may, I was challenged by my partner to write one flash fiction piece a day for the month of June. I was bad and missed the first five days, but here we are on the sixth. I'll be posting one flash fiction piece for each day in June. You can find all of … Continue reading 30 Days Of Flash Fiction Challenge.

Announcement: Flash Fiction Competition Winners

The time has finally come to announce the winners of the Flash Fiction Competition We had a number of outstanding entries which made picking just three winners difficult. After many hours spent in deliberation, three amazing entries were finally chosen. It brings me great pleasure to announce our winners. 1st Place: Three Robots by Josh … Continue reading Announcement: Flash Fiction Competition Winners


As I leaned back in my chair i emptied my goblet of its contents and placed it on the small table beside me. With a long exhalation of breath that was more for show than anything i gazed about the bar, my gaze landing on a beauty with hair as black as night and unusual … Continue reading Nightshade

Flash Fiction: The photo.

IN this one, you are smiling. Standing there in your black jeans, boots and t-shirt you look happy. One would even say care free. You don’t look like you have any secrets, but I know you do. I saw you there that night, silver knife glinting in your hand, the blade curved in a sinister … Continue reading Flash Fiction: The photo.